How to Treat Severe Sleep Apnea Without A CPAP Machine

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Do you know there are sure ways to solve sleep apnea problems without necessarily buying a CPAP machine? Yes! It is super possible. Although, CPAP machine provides perfect and lasting solution to all kinds of sleep apnea disorders. In most instances, your healthcare provider will recommend it even when the situation is still at the mild level. 

CPAP machine is specially designed to eliminate sleep apnea symptoms without developing any complications in how to use a cpap machine. The machine features a hose connected to a mask that continuously supplies pressured air into your nose to keep your airways open and free of obstruction. That makes it easier for you to breathe when sleeping al thought the night. 

Note that this article is not disregarding the efficiencies and productivity of CPAP machine. Rather, it is only helping those that are not capable enough to purchase the breath-assisting device.  Due to a number of reasons such as cost, insurance compliance and more. Learn more how to use a CPAP machine and avoid dry mouth.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and you are not ready to buy a CPAP machine due to whatever reason, that’s not the end. There are some other ways to treat sleep apnea problems without spending money buying a breath-assisting machine.

The good news in this guide is that, most of the ways are easy and doesn’t require any sophisticated or burdensome practice. You only have to do some little tricks and boom! Your sleep apnea symptoms are gone. 

Without further ado, let’s unveil the simple ways to achieve a sound sleep or solve your breathing problems without a machine. 

Simple Ways To Treat Sleep Apnea Without A CPAP Machine

  • Change your sleeping position

Does that sound too simple to be true? Yes! But it is true. Not many people knows this secret but it is a proven fact that how you sleep can make you to develop some sleep apnea symptoms. If you have been sleeping in on your back facing the roof, now is time to make some permanent changes. 

Reports showed that sleeping on your back may cause your airways to be blocked which can result into irregular breathing and intermittent waking up when sleeping at night. By implication, laying on your back when sleeping can be the sole reason you have been having sleepless nights. Meanwhile, it is ideal to first discuss your inability to sleep with your healthcare provider tonknow what’s the right way to solve the problems. 

However, if you can simply stop laying on your back when its bedtime, you will most likely experience immediate changes in your sleep. 

  • Shed some weight

Obesity can be a major reason why you can sleep well at night. Based on recent studies, overweight people don’t have a sound sleep whether during the day or night. If you have been paying attention to your obsessed friend, you will notice they always snore heavily when sleeping. What could be the cause? It is simply that there is a blockage in the lungs which may obstructed the air passage thereby causing loud noise. 

Aside from snoring, obesity is also associated with diverse health complications which can pose serious threats on your wellbeing. Hence, losing weight can be a good way to free your breathing passage. 

How to Treat Severe Sleep Apnea Without A CPAP Machine

Meanwhile, it is wrong to embark on some strenuous activities or use some self-prescribed medications in the name weight loss. Engaging in some simple exercises such as early morning jogging, and walking can suffice. You can also download some weight loss aps and follow the dialy training regime for best result. Dieting is also a good way to cut down your weight but is as be a strict prescription from an experienced nutritionist.

  • Quit Smoking 

Smoking has always been associated with several life-threatening health complications. It is also a major cause of sleep apnea. Generally, excessive smoking is an enemy of the lungs and other internal parts of the body. Smokers are liable to have sleepless nights which can cause them, to wake up in a very sad mood. 

If you are a smoker and it has become clear that you can no longer sleep in peace at a stretch or find it difficult to fall asleep, you can do yourself a great favor by quitting that health-threatening act. The fact is, as a smoker, you can’t easily overcome sleep apnea if you continue the act even if you use CPAP machine. Hence, the first recommended approach is to stop smoking. Then, seek professional help from your doctor afterwards.

How to Treat Severe Sleep Apnea Without A CPAP Machine
  • Try surgery 

Surgery is one of the most effective corrective measures for a wide range of health complications, including sleep apnea. One of the advantages of surgery over using CPAP machines is that the former doesn’t require undergoing some routines. Instead, it is a once-and-for-all approach. It is surprising that people easily get scared away when they hear surgery. but it is safe and dependable for lasting results.

Meanwhile, nobody enrolls for surgery unless it is specially prescribed by experienced healthcare providers. That means, you must have discussed with your doctor before deciding to go for surgery to solve your sleep problems.

  • Use a mouthpiece 

In all honesty, you don’t really need a CPAP machine If sleep apnea has not gone to a severe level. Meanwhile, it is okay if it recommended by your doctor. But instead of sending huge amount of money of a CPAP machine or go through the frustrating insurance compliance, why not use a mouthpiece? A mouthpiece is a dental appliance that helps clear the airways and breathe more sufficiently. 

Without bias, a mouthpiece can do what a CPAP machine would do if the case is till at mild level. all you need to do is follow the instructions of your doctor to maximize efficiency. 


Your sleep apnea symptoms doesn’t have to force you purchase a CPAP machine. Though the device provides a guaranteed solution. Yet, you can still try the above simple ways to get your quality back if you can’t afford the cost of a machine,. As I was constantly noting it in the article, make sure you first get a recommendation from your doctor before taking any step in solving your sleep apnea issues.